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I get asked about this a lot! Unfortunately, there is no ONE perfect kind of treats. It depends on your dog´s preferences and nutritional requirements, as well as the type of training (training a puppy is different than training an experienced dog, etc.). And last, but equally important is the human factor – I, for example, am not a fan of treats that make my hands dirty and smelly.

Since dog school classes have already started, we prepared a short list of our most popular training treats that you can find in our LYO DOG online shop.

dog training
dog treats are very important for training!

These three are mostly used in dog schools. They are air dried, which makes them light and dry (no dirty hands) and cut into small cubes that are one-bite size and suitable also for puppies. There are three flavours: chicken, turkey and beef.

If you prefer a more natural look of your treats, then these air dried beef lungs might be a good option. They are also cut into small pieces, but each piece is slightly different in size. They do however have a more intense smell and are therefore usually better motivator for dogs.

If your dog has allergies or prefers fish, these air dried fish cubes are a great solution. These treats are made of a mixture of different fish meats, shaped into cubes and air dried. They are also low in fats, which means they are also suitable for older dogs or dogs that have to be kept fit.

If you have problems with motivating your dog for work, or you need help getting attention from your dog that reacts to certain objects in your surroundings, these air dried chicken hearts might be useful for you. They are super smelly and contain quite a lot of fat (not for dogs that are not active), BUT they make wonders in situations where dogs need some help to keep focus on their human.

These are the newest addition to our selection and what makes them special is the addition of herbs. They are also cut in cubes, made from air dried chicken, but because of the herbs, they smell even yummier. To me, they smell like soup 🙂 To my dogs they smell like something worth working for.

I hope you found at least one flavour of treats that might be suitable for your dog! For more info visit our online shop: