The “LYO” in LYO DOG stands for “lyophilization” – which is the process of freeze-drying. Freeze drying is a production process used to create natural dog treats. It involves a combination of freezing and dehydration to preserve the raw ingredients (meat, fish, fruit or vegetables) while retaining their nutritional value. It is a preservation process, where the highest amount of nutritional value of natural ingredients is preserved (right after BARF dog diet), that’s why it is also our preferred type of dog and cat treats.

The freeze-drying process begins by freezing the raw ingredients at extremely low temperatures. This freezing step helps to lock in the flavours, nutrients, and moisture content of the treats. Once the treats are frozen, they are placed in a vacuum chamber. In the vacuum chamber, a process called sublimation takes place. Sublimation involves the conversion of ice directly into vapor without passing through the liquid phase. The frozen treats are subjected to low atmospheric pressure, causing the ice crystals within them to turn into vapor. This process removes the moisture from the treats while maintaining their structure and integrity. The vaporized moisture is then collected and removed from the vacuum chamber, leaving behind freeze-dried raw meat (or any other) treats. These treats have a dry and lightweight texture, with most of the moisture content removed.

Freeze-dried natural raw meat dog treats offer several benefits. They have a long shelf life without the need for artificial preservatives, as the low moisture content inhibits the growth of bacteria and mold. Additionally, freeze-drying helps to maintain the natural flavours and nutrients of the raw meat, providing dogs with a nutritious and tasty treat option. It is a great alternative for BARF dog diet, when you are travelling, hiking, adventuring, or when it is more practical for dog training.