Best Barf Hypoallergenic Grain-Free Insect Protein Snacks With Carrot


  • Scientifically researched recipe(Estonian University of Life Sciences)
  • Convenient and tasty way to provide a healthy, high-protein, mineral-rich snack for dogs with allergy issues
  • 2x longer shelf life (2 years) than dehydrated snacks
  • 50g packaging

For some pets, various pet treats and snacks could be a possible risk of causing allergic
reactions. Mostly, dogs have not been exposed to insect species in food and treats so
no allergic reactions occur. There is a possibility for cross-reaction if the animal has an
allergy to crustaceans(crustacean shellfish). It is therefore important that the pet owner
supervises their dog when using BSF(black soldier fly) containing treats and the animal
has previously been diagnosed with an allergy to crustaceans. These treats however,
are perfectly fine to be used if the dog has been diagnosed with an allergy to mammals
or birds.

Nutritional information:

  • Energy kJ/kcal 1529/368
  • Crude Prot (min) 19.64%
  • Crude Fat (min) 14.1%
  • Crude Fiber (max) 31%
  • Crude Ash 6.91%
  • Crude Carbohydrates 25%
  • Salt (Na x 2.5) 0.33%
  • Moisture(max) 4.04%

Additional information

Weight50 g